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    Following the initial brief, if your project requires planning permission we will need to provide both existing and proposed drawings / schemes to the local authority planning department.

    At a convenient time to suit you, we will arrange to carry out a full or partial measured survey of the property so that we can create, in CAD, an accurate set of floor plans, elevations and sections as required. This information forms the basis of which the project starts.

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    To obtain the lie of the land, we may need to undertake a topographical survey. This gives the necessary context around the building – pinpointing boundaries, tree locations, drains, manholes, services and ground levels. This may also include locating neighbouring properties.

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    The Planning process aims to guide the way cities, towns and country side are developed based upon national and local planning policies. This includes the use of land and buildings, size, appearance, landscaping, highway access and the impact the development will have on the local and wider environment.

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    In some cases it is not always evident if planning permission is required or whether works can be carried out under permitted development (PD) rights. In this situation we can make the necessary enquiry with the Local Authority.

    Another option which can be considered, prior to submitting a planning application is the pre-application advice enquiry. This is a way of seeking guidance from the local authority on whether or not your scheme is likely to be supported and worth pursuing. This enables us to identify and address any potential issues before submitting a planning application.

    As well as producing scheme proposal drawings and developing design concepts, we compile applications ready for submission to the local authority. We will liaise with Planning Officers and deal with any queries that arise and keep you informed of progress throughout the application process.

    If the property is listed, we will also apply for Listed Building Consent (LBC), which needs to be done in parallel with the planning application.

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    Building regulations set the standard for design and construction of buildings and the primary purpose is to ensure that building work is constructed in a safe and secure manner along with requirements to ensure buildings meet a standard for conserving fuel and power. Many buildings are also required to be accessible for people with disabilities.

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    Statutory Building Control approval is required for most building works such as new builds, extensions and any alterations which are structural. The exception to this, which generally don’t require approval are small detached non-habitable ancillary buildings, garage buildings and agricultural buildings etc.

    To gain full plans building regulation approval we will need to prepare and submit detailed construction drawings that comply with the current building regulations. Drawings suitable for building regulation purposes will contain construction notes / specification and the necessary detail to be able to construct the work on site.

    These drawings are also suitable to give to contractors and will enable them to provide quotations to carry out the works (often accompanied with a brief specification of works to firm up finishes and finer details).

    Once the application has been submitted we will deal with any queries that arise and keep you informed of any necessary alterations and tweaks. With our experience and comprehensive applications full plans building control approval is generally a formality.

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    Further documentation that we can provide to form a comprehensive Tender package include specifications which details the project preliminaries, building finishes and finer details associated with the build. We can also provide external works layouts, electrical layouts, door, window and finishes schedules etc. as required.

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    We can assist you with the tender process by issuing documentation and helping you obtain formal quotations from contractors. We will deal with the day to day queries and on return of the tenders can help you with you decision.

    If you would like us to assist you when the works commence on site we offer a contract Administration service and will handle all of the day to day administration, carry out regular site inspections, attend site meetings, liaise with the contractor and any external consultants, resolve technical queries and assess contractor’s valuations, issue certificates for payment and much more.

    Alternatively, if you would prefer you can keep us retained to offer technical support as and when required based on our agreed hourly rate.



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